Thermal Carbon Black

Cancarb offers seven grades of Medium Thermal Carbon Black. Thermax® N990 consists of uniform soft pellets which are easily dispersed, yet can withstand the rigours of transportation. Thermax® N991 Power is a non-pelletized product designed for use in low shear force mixing systems.

Thermax® N907 Stainless has low hydrocarbon content for crucial non-staining applications. Thermax® N908 Stainless Powder Ultra Pure is a non-pelletized product with low hydrocarbon content for use in non-staining and low shear force mixing applications.

Thermax® N990 Ultra Pure has extremely low levels of contaminants as indicated by the low levels of ash and sulphur. The Ultra Pure grades are high carbon purity and provide maximum heat and chemical resistance, while minimizing impurities in the end product. Thermax® N991 Powder Ultra Pure is the non-pelletized version. Thermax® N908 Stainless Powder Ultra Pure is designed for critical applications where the highest carbon purity and the low hydrocarbon content are to the utmost importance.