Unit 6 Expansion


Cancarb Limited, a subsidiary of Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd., is pleased to announce that it will be proceeding immediately with an expansion of its thermal carbon black production capacity. Engineering and construction of a sixth thermal carbon black unit at its facility in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada will commence within Q4-2018, with targeted completion by the summer of 2020. Environmental approvals have already been obtained from Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. Mr. Takashi Masaki, General Manager of the Carbon Black Division of Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd. stated "We are pleased to make this additional investment in Cancarb’s thermal carbon black capacity so as to serve the growing needs of Cancarb’s customers. This investment reaffirms our commitment to this special grade of carbon black and to the many specialty markets and applications that Cancarb serves." Read more...

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Cancarb manufacture?

Cancarb is the global leader in the production and marketing of thermal carbon black with customers in over 40 countries.

2. What will the plant expansion look like?

There are currently five carbon units in operation. The 6th unit follows the same design and will be utilizing existing infrastructure. This means you may not notice any significant changes to the plant.

3. Will the expansion create new jobs?

Cancarb has been in continuous operation since 1973. Currently there are 80 full time staff on site. With the expansion, another nine full time positions will be added over time. Job postings will be advertised on the Cancarb webpage and on Indeed.com. Instructions for applicants will be provided within the job postings.

4. How can I bid on work?

Our Engineering and Procurement contractor will be handling the tendering process. To be added to the bidders list please send company information to CancarbU6project@cancarb.com

5. Will Cancarb use local contractors?

Cancarb has a long tradition of utilizing and supporting local suppliers and trades from Medicine Hat and area. This philosophy will remain unchanged for Unit 6 expansion.

6. When is the expansion expected to be completed?

Construction will start in 2019 with increased production expected to come online in the summer of 2020.

7. How much power will Unit 6 supply?

Cancarb utilizes waste heat generated during the carbon reaction process. The waste heat is converted to steam in a Waste Heat Recovery Boiler which supplies a steam turbine and generator. When at full capacity, unit 6 will add an additional 5 MW of recovered waste heat power for a total of 32.5 MW.

8. Why expand?

i. Cancarb is currently operating at capacity and continues to invest in new application development that will drive growth into the next decade.

ii. Cancarb’s feedstock is natural gas. The outlook for pricing and supply are stable for the foreseeable future.

9. What will the environmental impact be?

i. Cancarb will continue to operate within Alberta Environment and Parks operating approval limits.

ii. Cancarb will invest in increased waste heat baghouse capacity to ensure particulate emission continue to be within approved limits.

iii. The increased waste heat power generated from unit 6 will offset GHG emissions that would have otherwise been generated from the burning of natural gas or coal.